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Tom King
Sr. Director Industry Marketing
Tom King
Mr. King is a Sr. Director, Industry Marketing for Pega’s Insurance Industry Business Unit. Mr. King has 25+ years of experience in the insurance industry, both as an insurer and as a consultant to the industry. Much of his career has been dedicated to helping insurers leverage technology in conjunction with defining business strategy and addressing issues facing the industry. Having started his career as an actuary and a licensed broker coupled with operations experience and creating corporate strategy, Mr. King brings a well rounded view of the industry to bear on solving issues for insurers. An interesting example of addressing this linkage between developing IT capabilities and the insurance industry is the role Mr. King played in developing Internet and Network Computing products. Mr. King worked with domestic and international insurers, brokers and technology companies to define the coverage issues that insurers would be facing as a result of the new risks arising out of internet and network computing. This included highlighting where insurers may already have exposure under existing products and worked with the industry to develop new risk management processes, underwriting tests, forms and insurance products.

Even the largest suites often do not do everything an insurer needs, and installations are complex – from both a process and a risk perspective. 

This means that insurers tend to focus on point solutions to solve fairly specific business problems. 

Unfortunately, they often don’t live up to expectations or are difficult to weave into a seamless operating environment – creating yet more silo systems or workarounds. is an excellent example of a product that has seen significant growth in the insurance market but has limited core insurance functionality. 

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